Book of the Day – Buddernut Adventures Papa’s Princess Picks Apples – Rebecca Outlaw

Enter the world of a beautiful little girl who is kind, loving, and giving. Her name is Aurielle, but her grandmother lovingly calls her Buddernut. Buddernut has a language that only she and other children her age understand. Adults only hear baby-gibberish when Buddernut speaks. Somehow, Buddernut can help the adults understand what she is trying to say. Buddernut is very observant. In Series Two, Buddernut notices a homeless family. Everyone else seems to pass the homeless family without a thought, but not Buddernut. I am excited for you to read what Buddernut does and how she lovingly helps the homeless family. PAPACESSPULLPULLS!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3CqPFpg

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