New Release – All The Preacher’s Wives Anthology – Dr. Velma Bagby

Being a servant leader is not always sunshine and tiptoeing through the tulips. It is more about getting your feet and nails dirty, and sometimes skipping nail appointments in favor of the budget. Giving up wearing hats and suits, while adopting a casual style because the membership base we served could not afford it. We did not want to present ourselves as if we were higher than or better than the people God chose us to serve.
Here are a few attributes you will need in your role as a preacher’s wife:
• Have a strong relationship with Jesus—if not now, grow one.
• Build a strong marriage—marriage is your mandate as a couple.
• Maintain a consistent prayer life—for yourself, your husband, as a couple or family, the
ministry work, and the people. Prayer is key to building a solid marriage ministry. Pray
daily together and for one another. Let nothing disrupt your pattern. Praying and studying
together create special moments and will help you maintain your bond.
• Become well-versed in the Word—it is your guide.
• Practice love as described in the Word—how to love, who to love, what love is, and what love is not.
• Apply grace in every situation—be forgiving of yourself, your husband, and others.
• Be resilient—this assignment is not for the weak.
• Know when to keep silent—it’s a strength. The words silent and listen use the same letters.
• Practice good self-worth—build yourself, exercise self-care, and take time out for yourself.
• Have strong faith—trust God’s leading in everything.
• Be determined—you have a purpose. Stay the course and do not give up.
• Keep a tribe of supporters—use your family to fill the void of friendships. All of this will help you weather the storms you may face.
• Agreement is important — Amos 3:3 NIV says, “Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” Discuss details of decisions in the privacy of your own home, then agree to the approach together.
• Recognize each of your strengths and use them. My husband comes to me for anything related to technology, or a business decision. He is a financial wizard.
• Approach decisions together. Once you’re both on the same page, move forward with your decision.
• Communicate—make sure you are on the same page at home & at church. When your husband executes a decision, it’s good to know the two of you talked about it first.
• Protect each other from harm—not every person who enters the building has your best interest at heart—those above or below your status. This can be tricky, but what’s important is that the two of you decide how you wish to address issues—especially those that impact you and your family.


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