Business Spotlight – Flames Entertainment

What is the name of your business and briefly describe it?

Flames Entertainment is an indie publishing company. This independent press makes publishing books seem less intimidating because it’s tough to get access to major publishing houses without the help of a literary agent.

 Where did you get the idea for your business?

I decided I had to go about it my own way after receiving numerous rejections from big publishing houses, literary agents declining to represent my stories, and a shady encounter with a small press publisher.

 What market does your company serve?

Flames Entertainment serves the books and publishing industry making deals with retailers and companies.

 What is your company’s mission statement?

Our mission as an independent book publisher is to assist authors at all phases of the publishing process in producing high-quality printed or digital books that are authentic to their vision and distributing these works to a worldwide audience.

 What are you passionate about in your business?

I’m incredibly passionate about telling stories. People ought to be heard and seen. Many of us have the opportunity to express who we are via our writing. Why not provide the means for people to achieve this?

 Why did you start your business? What drives you?

I looked into ways to publish my stories without using other people’s money or risking me losing money because someone else is getting a cut. Subsequently, after having a bad experience with a small press publisher it was time to do it myself. It’s exciting being the one doing it all from start to finish. Having total control of each component of the publishing process and being the one to make the decision on the final outcome drives me.

 What makes your business unique?

I am the CEO in addition to being one of the authors who are published by the company. I am familiar with what it takes to publish a book successfully. I’ve seen what success looks like when the effort is put forward. Any aspiring or unpublished author would gain first-hand knowledge of the indie publishing industry by collaborating with this company.

 How did you measure success at your company?

Being able to get publish a marketable book that’s been creatively designed and well edited. Anything less is subpar and that’s not anything I wish to be associated with.

 What are your typical responsibilities as a business owner?

There’s always planning and strategy going on to know what I’m going to be doing next. I’m constantly seeking to acquire resources (editors, book designers, and formatters) to help with the publishing process. I’m responsible for handling the financial and accounting tasks of the business as well. Even the marketing and sales are handled by me as the business owner.

 What are your five-year goals?

December 2027 would represent the expansion of my social media following, the publication of marketable manuscripts that had undergone thorough editing and design, and a six-figure increase in my income.


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