Meet the TickleMites: Rocky, AJ, and Ramello

Tickle Mites Adventures of R. A. R. Rocky, AJ, and Ramello’s characters are inspired by the author, Rebecca Outlaw’s grandsons. They are Rocky, 12, RameIlo, 10, and AJ, 8. The three boys love spending time together. They love to laugh and have fun. The only thing that saddens them is when they see other children sad. AJ is having family over for his birthday. After the Happy Birthday song, AJ’s mom tells him to make a wish. Instead, all three boys make a wish. The wish is that they could make all children as happy as they are when they are together. When this wish is made in unison frosting splashes on their faces.  Unbeknownst to them they are now Tickle Mites!  When they see a child sad for almost any reason they sing a jingle. That jingle turns the boys into candy characters called Tickle Mites. The goal is to make the child happy and giggle. Adults cannot “see” them as Tickle Mites, only children can. Except for Papa and Gamma because they were Tickle Mites when they were young.

The TickleMites has two songs, Jump, Jump and Candy Swag. Here is a sample of both. Please enjoy.

Jump Jump: https://spoti.fi/3TqR2uR

Candy Swag: https://spoti.fi/3yNHPoC

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