Author Spotlight – David Harris

David Harris is the father of two young men and one grandson.  He likes being around good people and enjoys listening to classical music.  His hobbies include coin collecting, reading, writing, and painting.  As a minister, he likes reading his bible and finding old treasures within its glorious pages.  Visiting nursing homes and encouraging the weary, sick, and shut-ins only partially concludes his one-man ministry.  It also encompasses a fellowship with his younger son.  Whether fishing for crayfish, shooting a few hoops, or just dining out Dutch-style, Mr. Harris enjoys good times with his family.  During times leading up to Wednesday and Sunday worship, his son always finds time to talk and fellowship about the issues of life. When asked about his favorite bible verse, a warm smile comes across his face.  The scripture verse, Titus 2:13.  Read it!  If you love the Lord, it’ll put a smile on your face too.   Peace and love be multiplied unto you.

Website – http://www.goodbooklets.com

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