Books by David Harris

A Song for Zipporah

Blurb: A Song for Zipporah.  Zipporah is the eldest daughter of Jethro, a priest of Midian. She loves singing and has a voice that’s absolutely hypnotic. She wants to one day leave Midian and marry the man of her dreams. Then one night a strange dream turned her world upside down.  Now her dream will either become like her sweet song or her worse nightmare.  A powerful must-read for all age groups.

Bishops and Deacons

Blurb: Do divorce and remarriage disqualify a man from becoming a Pastor or Deacon?  This study answers that question and many more without any consideration of historic positions or religious decrees.

Great Blacks of the Bible

Blurb: Discover how and why God used people of “color” throughout His wonderful black book.

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage

 Blurb: Is it a sin to divorce and remarry someone else? A simple yet thorough study of the scripture will shed some light on old dark teaching that has troubled many Christians for centuries.

What Black America Needs  

Blurb: The detailed theme is the need for unity of the Black family morally, socially, and spiritually. Having been led out of bondage like any other race, having been introduced to Christ’s salvation like any other race, and having been given the same opportunities as any other race, black America still extends her hands for her share of the “Pie.”  I use the term “her” because black America has lost its character, lost its vision, and nearly lost its soul.  And for those great losses, black America has a great need.

Website: http://www.goodbooklets.com

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