Recommendation of the Week – One Ain’t Enough – Mo Flames

Desiree had no reason to believe Troy, the love of her life, would ever hurt her in any way. But she finds herself at the receiving end of his violent hands in the middle of an argument. Troy is arrested for aggravated domestic assault at the urging of Desiree’s best friend, Brielle. After cunning pressure from Troy’s agent, Desiree withdraws the charges. In order to protect his reputation and credibility, Troy breaks up with her. Years after overcoming the traumatic breakup with Troy, Desiree marries Jamal. It doesn’t take her long to realize that her marriage isn’t picture-perfect and she’s no longer content.

While traveling home, Desiree is delayed at LAX and runs into her long-time friend, Derrik. Although there is undeniable chemistry between them, she knows she shouldn’t pursue it further. Derrik kisses her and in that moment nothing else matters. As soon as they cross the line, they are addicted to one another. They return to Atlanta agreeing to continue with their affair despite her marriage to Jamal. The unimaginable happens when Troy reappears. The confidence Desiree built of being over him no longer exists. Troy reminds her that her heart still belongs to him.

Meanwhile, Desiree’s husband, Jamal is caught up in a love triangle that does not include her. Between his questionable sexuality and deadly transgressions, he is desperate to keep his secrets hidden. Mia, an aspiring diva who is sick of Troy’s infidelity and abuse, is in an unhappy marriage to him and ready to air their dirty laundry. At the celebration she throws for Troy, everyone runs into one another. Mia succeeds in exposing Troy’s abuse in front of the party guests.

Desiree gets caught between her lovers, Troy and Derrik. In the midst of her deception being exposed, Desiree also finds out she is pregnant. Unsure which of the friends is the father, she is desperate to put some space between herself and her problems; to clear her mind of betrayals and men who put her in this predicament. She makes the decision in haste and leaves them standing in the middle of her living room.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3vgheyD

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