Book of the Week – Tickle Mites Adventures of R. A. R. Rocky, AJ, and Ramello – Rebecca Outlaw

Rocky, AJ, and Ramello are Tickle Mites.  It’s AJ’s sixth birthday and the family gathers together to help him celebrate.  AJ’s mom Jen brings out the cake and the three boys sit at the table with him.  All three at the same time make a wish that they could make all children as happy as they are.  When they simultaneously make this wish a splash of frosting splatters on Rocky, AJ, and Ramello.  Turning them into Tickle Mites.  They realize a jingle turns them into Tickle Mites in most circumstances when they find a child sad.  There will be some circumstances that won’t allow for Tickle Mites to emerge because of how serious the situation is.  The boys also will find out that only children see them as Tickle Mites and adults do not accept their grandmother.  Whom they lovingly call Gamma.  This is a journey from a child’s perspective, namely my grandchildren on subjects such as bullying, racism, and giving among others.  Take this journey with my grandchildren as they attempt to make other children as happy as they are.
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3MiXx0f

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