Book Spotlight – One Still Ain’t Enough – Mo Flames

How do you get the idea for your novel One Still Ain’t Enough?

It’s the sequel to One Ain’t Enough. I left readers on a major cliffhanger. I had to continue the story about Desiree and her cast of interesting friends and enemies.

What is your favorite line from your book?

When it comes to love we can’t control when it happens or where it might lead us; the heart, after all, is a compass. It just knows what it wants to feel and how to get there.

Which of your characters do you believe are most like you and why question?

Desiree, as she is the main character, I wanted to include parts of my personality, tastes, career, and past tomfoolery into her story. Of course, some of it is embellished but I’ve been caught out there before with more than one and having to answer some questions.

Then there’s Brielle, Desiree’s best friend, the hilarious voice of reason. I think I’m pretty funny at times and I’m that ride-or-die friend that will tell you that you’re wrong instead of agreeing with everything you do. I’ll have your back through it all and will go to war for you if need be.

What message do you hope readers will take away from your book?

There are a couple of messages because of the subplots that go on in OSAE.

Here’s the first one: an old proverb; what’s done in the dark will come to light. For anything damaging that you think you can keep a secret, eventually, it will be brought out to the open. When it comes to relationships and you don’t want to be in it anymore, just tell your mate instead of lying.

Also, love does not hurt. It’s not cute nor sexy to be in a toxic relationship when physical abuse is involved. If someone is harming you, it’s time to get out and get out now. There’s never a reason a man or woman should put their hands on you. Never. There is help and I would suggest contacting the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233.

How did you get published?

As an indie author, it’s in control of every aspect of the publishing process. I’ve put together a stellar team of beta readers, ARCs, an editor/proofreader, and formatted. They’ve helped me create well-written, high-quality stories for my readers. I’m also the founder and CEO of my publishing company, Flames Entertainment, LLC. When we had a final manuscript, I went onto the platforms such as Amazon and Draft2Digital, and voila, published my second baby.

What have been your greatest literary accomplishments?

Finishing The Enough series and a novella. I made it a goal in 2021 to re-release One Ain’t Enough and give my faithful readers the sequel, One Still Ain’t Enough. It’s been a long journey and quite overdue. But look Mama I made it! I didn’t give up this dream to be a published author. I’ve written more this year than I have in quite some time. I have a writing coach, a writing tribe, and a huge support system that have been integral in this part of my career.

Do you have any new books in the works?

One is Enough – Book 3 in The Enough Series  

Love in A Minor  

Is there anything else you would like the readers to know?

I’m back and if I can help it, I’m not going anywhere. I look forward to giving my readers more entertaining, captivating, and unforgettable stories. It helps in making me a better writer so if you’ve read me, let me know. I’m appreciative of the feedback given and the support shown.  

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