Books for Treats Day 2022

Books For Treats Day encourages the giving of books to children. On a day when we give candies as treats, Books For Treats Day favors giving books. The holiday is supported mostly by the non-profit organization Books for Treats. The organization encourages adults to give books to children who go trick-or-treating on Halloween day. When you give books to children on Halloween, you inspire them to read more while also helping them to reduce the intake of candies. By doing so, you’re helping to feed their minds.

D.L. Quaker – Why We Go To Church – (The GatPack Adventure Book 1)

The GatPack Adventures book one “Why We Go To Church” is about an eight-year-old named, Rai,
who has awaken on a Sunday morning feeling like she’s not ready to move and doesn’t want to go to church.
“Why We Go To Church” tells the story of a Christian family who has an older daughter named, Rai, who is not wanting to go to church. The family together with Rai, and the two younger children, Dobbie and DJ, sit down for an intimate discussion of why going to church is important.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3QWAIjD

Kai Tampol and Dr. Velma Bgaby – The Little Letter k and the Boring Alphabet Line

6-year old Kai is a first-time author with a great imagination. See how her character, Little Letter k, uses her imagination to create change to an old boring alphabet line. The alphabet line is never the same again.
She learns a lesson she will never forget on why her family attends church.


Rebecca A Outlaw – Buddernut Adventures Papa’s Princess Picks Apples

Enter the world of a beautiful little girl who is kind, loving, and giving. Her name is Aurielle, but her grandmother lovingly calls her Buddernut. Buddernut has a language that only she and other children her age understand. Adults only hear baby-gibberish when Buddernut speaks. Somehow, Buddernut can help the adults understand what she is trying to say. Buddernut is very observant. In Series Two, Buddernut notices a homeless family. Everyone else seems to pass the homeless family without a thought, but not Buddernut. I am excited for you to read what Buddernut does and how she lovingly helps the homeless family. PAPACESSPULLPULLS!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3qS4efP

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