Book Spotlight – Dead Girl Walking – AudreyAnn Moses

Name of Book: DEAD GIRL WALKING…What’s In A Name – A story in the anthology – A New Renaissance: A Celebration of African American Fiction

Genre: Anthology

Release Date (if any): February 2022

Pages:  345

Book Linkhttps://www.transitionlifecoach4u.com/order-books

Or by emailing me at audreyannsbooks@yahoo.com

A New Renaissance is the creation of Dr. Rhonda Lawson, Meet the World Image Solutions, LLC. It is an anthology of short stories written by twelve authors. More than 100 years ago, a group of musicians, artists, poets, and authors started a movement that would influence history and African American culture for years to come. Today, 12 authors have joined forces to honor the trailblazers of the Harlem Renaissance with A New Renaissance. This beautifully written collection of original fiction, ranging from children’s to contemporary by both new and established authors, will make you laugh, cry, and even shout out loud. But most of all, it will make you proud that the griot tradition lives on and is here to stay.

Tell us about your book Dead Girl Walking.

(Story #4 in A New Renaissance. Can you imagine being ridiculed and neglected your entire life by everyone…even your family? Why… because of the name you were given by your parents…a name that represents abandonment and death.

Dead Girl Walking is the story of a woman who, as a child, was taught that she was unworthy of love, nurturing, or support. At the time of the story, she is in an abusive marriage thinking she had no way out until she met a nosey Christian neighbor and a Christian Life Coach who helped her to see that she was more than a name.

What do you want readers to learn from the story?

That we should never be allowed anyone to steal our joy, our self-respect, and our self-worth. More importantly, God will never leave us nor forsake us.

 What do you want readers to learn from your life?

I had to learn that no one can steal my joy, my self-respect, and my self-worth, unless I allow them; unless I give them permission.. More importantly, I learned that God will never leave me nor forsake me.

 Who is your favorite author and why?

Almost everything I read a new book I have a new favorite. But I think my absolute favorite right now is Vannetta Chapman. She writes Amish Romance and Drama. I like that she writes about people and families as if they are actually real. If you read her series, you get to know the community people and you can relate to them. That is how I write. I want people to fall in love with my characters and treat them like they are part of the family.

Tell me about a book that changed your life and why?

Other than the Bible I don’t think I have one particular book that affected the part in life I took. I think the fact that I was able to escape into the books is what helped to my life.

What advice do you have for people who want to write a book?

Don’t ever think that people may not want to read your words. Don’t hide your words in a journal under your bed or in a drawer. That’s what I did and it took 20 years for me to publish my first book, even though I knew in my spirit that I would be a great author, even if I only sold one book because that one book brought joy to one person. So don’t hide your words. Share them with the world.

What are you currently working on right now?

Book Two of my series, Earl Grey Chronicles entitled the State of Affairs…Deception. Book 1 is entitled Uninvited Memories about a young Sailor-Girl.

Do you have anything you would like to add? 

Writing a book can be just as much fun as reading one. Just let your imagination tell you pen who your characters are. Bring them to life. And remember, if you don’t enjoy reading your books…re-write so that you do. Then you will know that others will enjoy it also. God Bless you and HAPPY WRITING.

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