Book Spotlight- Saved by Grace – AudreyAnn Moses

Tell us about your book Saved by Grace…Walking Through Affliction into God’s Deliverance.

Saved by Grace is the story of Marcus Martin… all he ever wanted to be a long-distance truck driver. The last thing on his mind was the draft and a baby. Both met him at the door on his eighteenth birthday. See how the Martin Family walked through life’s afflictions and into God’s deliverance.

Saved By Grace follows the Martin Family’s four generations, their family and individual relationships, good and not-so-good.

 What do you want readers to learn from the story?

Family is family. For the most part, we work with what we got. However, in all the mess, we have to determine what our own part is in the mess and in the triumphs. And at some point, we have to decide what our relationship with God is.

 What do you want readers to learn from your life?

Families are not perfect, and neither are we. After all, we are part of the family…right? My family has always been important to me. Even in the mess, I had to learn that God made me, not my family. Once that lesson is learned, it’s easier to carry out the purpose that God actually put you on this earth. Once I stopped blaming and started walking in my God-given assignment, life became beautiful and fulfilling. And I got along better with my family.

 Who is your favorite author and why?

One of my favorite authors is Francine Rivers. I enjoy reading her books because she takes events from history and creates stories around them that bring the people of that era alive for me. I love that she rights spiritually. And besides, anyone who can make ancient, biblical Roman Soldiers and the warriors they fought against seem human and show compassion, is alright with me.

 Tell me about a book that changed your life and why?

Other than the Bible I don’t think I have one particular book that affected the part in life I took. I think the fact that I was able to escape into the books is what helped my life.

 What advice do you have for people who want to author a book?

Don’t ever think that people may not want to read your words. Don’t hide your words in a journal under your bed or in a drawer. That’s what I did, and it took 20 years for me to publish my first book, even though I knew in my spirit that I would be a great author, even if I only sold one book because that one book brought joy to one person. So don’t hide your words. Share them with the world.

What are you currently working on right now?

Book Two of my series, Earl Grey Chronicles entitled the State of Affairs…Deception. Book 1 is entitled Uninvited Memories about a young Sailor-Girl.

Do you have anything you would like to add? 

Writing a book can be just as much fun as reading one. Just let your imagination tell you pen who your characters are. Bring them to life. And remember if you don’t enjoy reading your books…re-write so that you do. Then you will know that others will enjoy it also. God Bless you and HAPPY WRITING.

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