Black Poetry Day 2022

Black Poetry Day is a day to recognize the contributions of black poets to literature and celebrate the black experience as retold in poetry. Today, I honor Poet Liseele Powder and one of her amazing poems.

Liselle Powder was born in the small Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago. Having migrated to the US in 2014, she decided to write poetry about her experiences coming to America. She met with Edna White an Author, and the rest was history. Liselle has written in Edna’s book “No Sweet Meat Tell Me The Truth” and contribute to the school newspaper where she works. She also writes in Ms. Edna’s Magazine called “SPEAK MAGAZINE.” and wrote her first short story titled “Teenage Mom” and her first poetry book titled “Still Overcoming”. With her continuous writing, she was entered in an Anthology for the months of June July and November 2020, also June and July of 2021. Another Anthology piece entitled \”Bridges of Tomorrow\” was selected to out in June 2022. Liselle held her first poetry show on July 10th 2020, and the reviews was excellent. Liselle is also an artist and has also sold some of her work. Liselle hopes one day to have her first Art Show in the near future. Liselle has come a long way and she strives to be the best of top poets and artist the world is yet to see.

Where is my black?

Someone once said that black is powerful.

Black is the earth; black is the dirt.

Black is gold that is purified to perfection.

The melanin, our skin is smooth, shines through our soul. I am proud.

But are you? Where is my black?

Does my black have my back?

Does my black stand up for me?

Does my black push me to grow?

Or see me fall and stamp me to the ground.

Watch out black, the rivers that were crossed, the bridges

that were walked. Even the tunnels that set us free.

Did you wake up yet black?

We write the same story and sing the same song.

Where did the chords go?

Where did we go wrong? Are we still battling with

old mistakes, old grudges, old habits, black.

Are we going back to the shackles and chains.

that once killed us, black.

We are the bridges of tomorrow black

Bridges that are woven together.

Hands that are tied in knots, binding in love,

binding in unity.

Building walls of strength and protection.

Black I am talking to you. Black would you heed the call?

Black are you hearing me?


Let our ancestors see that our black is more than just color.

More than just being black, brown or indifferent.

But see class, style, strength and love.

With hands lifted and with one voice

Saying I am here black. Here for you.

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