Book Spotlight – Life & Love- Ivory Keys

The best part of being an author is having the ability to tell your life in segments. You find my life woven through the pages of a lot of my books, but you also see the lives of others or even yourselves.

The worst part of being an author is having yourself safely tucked in a box. Truly with Life & Love, I got out of my box and although most of my Christian readers might stay away from Life & Love, Ivory Keys is charting her very own spot in the reader’s world.

I actually have two favorite characters in this book. I love both Macy and Josephine. They show us how true friendship looks. How friends become sisters, and how you hold one another up in good and bad times.

The hardest part of writing this book was the sex scenes. When you written for years leaving the bedroom closed, it’s hard to open it up. Well, I got through it but yes, I had to do a couple of rewrites.

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