Book of the Week – The Swing – Dr. AudreyAnn Moses

This is the story of love and hate; of keeping up appearances; of unequally yoked and of the unconditional love of a child. “The Swing” is the story of two families with opposing ideas of what it meant to live a “privileged life.” While you enjoy the Wilkerson’s and the Chamberlain’s, take time to identify behaviors that may hinder you from being a godly person.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3RiubRB

A passage from the book…

Before Marissa knew what happened, Mary Alice slapped her across the face, once, then again, screaming at her, “I never wanted to be pregnant and I should have aborted you when I had the chance!”

As Jason moved toward Marissa to shield her from Mary Alice, she turned to Jason and said with a cold, uncaring voice, “You are pathetic! I never loved you and the only reason I stayed was to maintain my lifestyle!”

Mary Alice began to downgrade Jason’s manhood and his abilities to satisfy her.

Then she paused as if to gain momentum. “I doubt Marissa is even your child!” She squinted her eyes and scrunched her face up into an evil frown and said, “Huh! She’s just a bastard child and you are an idiot thinking you are her father!” “HA! What a joke you are!”

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