Book Spotlight- DREAM – Danyelle Scroggins

Five words that describes Dream: Dream, Live, Desire, Hope, & Faith.

One of the greatest highlights is when Mya sings at the baby shower that held in the church’s fellowship hall. The Spirit of God comes in and things happen that changes she and Dalton’s life.

The purpose of Dream is to let a dreamer know that delayed does not mean denied. God has the perfect plan for those who walk in faith and believe they can do all things through Him. And to share that sometimes, you have to embrace new beginnings to receive new outcomes.

The common thread to all of my work is Christ. My greatest desire is to share Him with the world as have the disciples in the Bible, but in my way.

This entire book was so much fun to write. It’s like, by the time I get to Mya, I can just be free. The series is going good and I have most of my readers ready for the next book by the time I write Dream. So the anticipation of them going to church and seeing the Holy Spirit operate behind the scenes was fun. There really weren’t any hard parts either.

My loyal readers may not know that I’m a popcorn head. I love it.

Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09XKV1ZXX

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