National Bookshop Day 2022

On National Bookshop Day, you can shop for some wonderful books. These four authors, Danyelle Scroggins, LaQuita Monley, AudreyAnn Moses, and Mo Flames have some amazing reads for your TBR list.

Danyelle ScrogginsBook: Gadsen’s Goal (Logansport River Book One)

Release Date: September 29, 2022

She’s my homeboys little sister, eight years younger than me to be exact.

My smart meddling mother has set up an appointment for her to come to my house, and I’m not sure if that is a good idea for her or me.

Detra Lane

I’ve played it safe by only taking clients who are hitched, about to be hitched, or old enough to not even matter. 

But when one of my best customers calls me for a private appointment for her son, Gadsen Towners, I can’t refuse. 

Little do I know, things are about to happen, and quick.

Gadsen Towners

I’ve had my eyes on Detra Lane, since the day I met her. 

She was pretty then, but she’s beautiful now. 

Younger than me. but now she’s legal.

The only problem other than her age is her brother is my best friend. 

I’ve set a goal to be her first, and now it’s time to make things happen.

But when she leaves my house in pieces, the plans change…she goes from a goal to Gadsen’s Goal.

LaQuita MonleyBook: Redefining Success: 8 Tools I Used to Develop a Growth Mindset

Everything—and I do mean everything—hinges on identity.

It is the compass of our faith that aligns with the Holy Spirit to fulfill the Father’s will. Wrapped up in identity is who we are, the purpose of our being, and every God-breathed promise that manifests as our success.

So, tell me. Do you know who you are?

This self-awareness is the filter for our desires. Identity undergirds our values, aspirations, and overall view of what it means to excel in life. Without the revelation of who we were created to be, a huge gulf tends to exist between where we are and what we are called to be, do, and experience. Lacking this inner knowing causes us to get caught up in fantasies and fallacies about who we are and what we want, which sets us up for a trail of disappointments.

Redefining Success helps you to determine who or what has defined success for you and how to take control and define success for yourself. It equips you with practical, implementable tools that can help you on this journey called life.
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3HRNHjO

AudreyAnn Moses – Book: Saved by Grace

Saved by Grace is the story of Marcus Martin… all he ever wanted to be was a long-distance truck driver. The last thing on his mind was the draft and a baby. Both met him at the door on his eighteenth birthday. See how the Martin Family walked through life’s afflictions and into God’s deliverance.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3KSp34g

Mo Flames – Book: One Still Ain’t Enough

In love, there will always be war, and where there’s a betrayal, revenge is certain to follow.

Desiree believed Derrik was the perfect man for her, but the connection to Troy, proved too strong and clouded her judgment. She’s discovered that she is pregnant – but who is the father? Deciding she needs to get away from the betrayals and men clouding her mind, Desiree skips town. But, while on the plane, she runs into a past lover. Undoubtedly, the fiery passion between them is not dead and he isn’t about to let her walk out of his life again. Desiree’s indiscretions are catching up with her and the lies are beginning to unravel, but she’s not the only one with skeletons hiding in their closet…

On the other side of town, Desiree’s husband, Jamal, is working hard to keep it under wraps that he’s directly involved with the murder of their friend. He ensnares himself in another love triangle and is determined to keep his dangerous, yet sultry, double life a secret. Meanwhile, Troy’s wife, Mia, fueled by jealousy and the promise of notoriety, is armed with information that could destroy him and his career in the NFL. She’s ready to talk to anyone who will listen about their marriage – finally garnering the attention and fame she desperately wants.

Who is on the plane? Did Derrik or Troy father Desiree’s child? Will Jamal get away with murder? Does Mia succeed in ruining Troy’s career? The uncut, raw drama continues in, One Still Ain’t Enough.

Book Link: https://moflames.com/product/one-still-aint-enough/

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