Coaching Program: Stepping Into ANEW You

It is a faith-based business that serves those who are ready to heal from emotional trauma through her coaching program “Stepping Into ANEW You”. She is the author of “Expose It” where she shares her truth of being an overcomer of sexual abuse as a child, low self-esteem, self-hatred, anger, and unforgiveness. She has five steps for you to implement along with other strategies in an emotional healing course.  If you are ready to be free from the pain; she will coach you through the process. She will show you how to gain your confidence, voice, and authority back! Come ready to learn how to get unstuck and move past your emotional pain, forgiveness is part of your healing process, and the importance of being healed to walk in your purpose. Someone is waiting on you to be healed and made whole to help them expose their truth. If you are ready for ANEW You, “Expose It”. Expose your truth so you can be free to embrace all of who you are through soul care by exposing your truth and “Stepping Into ANEW You. You can visit my website to set up a free 30-minute session to see if you would like to proceed with my services.

Website: https://footprintenterprisesllc.com

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