Book Spotlight – Into My Rotation – Nolan Holloway

What is Into My Rotation about?

It is a book of poems that when I started writing when the gift manifested.  Had over 200 poems and needed to get a theme.  Pray revealed that they were my life experiences that represented the “rotation” of my life.  Spiritual, Introspective, Observational and Relationships.

Do you come from a literary background?

No, so I believe this was a gift from God.

How did you get started as a poet?

At the time over 13 years ago I dated someone and wrote a simple poem.  The relationship ended a short time after the poems began to flow.

Do you find writing easy?

It comes and goes.  I don’t fret when the words don’t come.  Something will happen and the gift returns.

Do you do much research?

Some will research the words that I choose and review different poetry forms.

How do your poems develop? Please guide us through the stages of a poem.

A thought will through a dream or experience.  I just start writing until the feeling passes.  Then I know if the form is what I was thinking and will reform the piece.  Sometimes I go through multiple drafts until it feels right.

How did you first get published?

When the poems were formed I have over 200 scribes.  Began to share on social media poetry groups.  Shared with a friend and she suggested that I write a book.  Researched and discovered how expensive the process was.  That’s where God stepped in.  A friend from NY who I hadn’t spoken to in years connected with me.  She started an independent publishing company but did not do poetry.  I sent three of what I thought was my best work and she worked with me for over three months and this book was published.  The first printed copy I received was on June 4th, ten years ago which was the birth of my first grandchild, Brielle.

Can you give any advice to someone wanting to write and publish poetry?

Read other poets and styles.  Practice writing and read your words out loud.  You eventually will begin to hear your voice.

Where can readers find you and your books?

The books can be found on Amazon.com and GoodReads.  Also my website nolanphollowayjr.com.  And you can search my group on Facebook, “Vibe with Mr. Scribe”.

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