Book of the Day – Scarred: A Novella: A Friends to Lovers Historical Romance – Roe Braddy

Leaving was the only thing Mavis Butler could do, after speaking words that she refused to recant. The need to find a safe haven away from the soul-shattering poverty which threatened to destroy the very fabrication of her spirited disposition was uppermost on her mind. Despite her desire to stay in a place of familiarity, she finds the strength to escape, pack her bags, and never look back.

Ed Proctor spent his life running away from his abusive father until one-afternoon shifts the very foundation of his existence, tearing him away from his solitary life and into Mavis’ arms.

Hidden secrets, deep scars, and forbidden tales of pain, torture, and shame enable both Mavis and Ed to leave the little town of Brewton, Alabama, to head up north to Pittsburgh, PA., a new realm of opportunities. With so much turmoil penetrating their hearts this journey of love and completeness seems too good to be true, will their love be enough for their survival?

Only time will tell.

“Braddy has a knack for bringing historical events to life again by illuminating the truth in a romantic manner. Her vivid tales of love and sacrifice pull at readers heartstrings again and again, and again.” – Kristi Tailor, Author
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3ktnEG0

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