Book of the Week – Infinite Possibilities: How many times can a friend hurt you? (Infinite Series Book 1) – JC Anderson

The first book in the Infinite Series, a romantic suspense series, is about the demise of a long-standing friendship due to secrets, conceit, jealousy, and self-hatred.

Agatha, a shy, conservative librarian, has allowed her shortcomings as a lover to stop her from pursuing her sexy boss, Sean. She’s been content being her best friend, Melissa’s, shadow; until she can no longer stand it. One night at Club Infinite, and Agatha is a changed woman, ready to do whatever it takes to get and keep her man. Sean is immediately smitten and grateful he waited for her. Melissa, who should be happy that her bestie has finally come out of her shell, instead becomes insanely jealous. How could the bookworm get the sexiest man she’s ever met to want her? Melissa is beside herself and she does the unthinkable, betraying her best and only friend. Assault wasn’t in the plan, but nothing and no one stands in Melissa’s way. Especially when she can see her future in Sean’s arms and his bed. How many times can a friend hurt you? Sometimes, it only takes once.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3HYUYhY

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