Book of the Week – A Lie Don’t Care – JC Anderson

Darnell Jenkins is handsome, confident, and charismatic. Everyone around him loves and respects him. He’s spent years perfecting his image, presenting the person he wants people to think he is, rather than the man he truly is. Even his wife and children are blind to his ingenuity. One slip and his perfect persona will come crashing down around his feet. And what do you know? He slips and the consequences would be detrimental if he didn’t already have a defense in place… blame someone else. Blame the person that no one really likes and won’t lose anything… well, except for her respect, dignity, friendships, and possibly her sobriety. But her loss is nothing compared to him losing his future. Right? A Lie Don’t Care….

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3QZn40E

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