Book of the Day – Wading – Roe Braddy

         It’s 1968, and  Nezzie Fergerson, a lonely cocktail waitress at the Copper Pipe lounge, finds herself in a new city with a new job and lofty aspirations to find peace and contentment. Nezzie meets the man of her dreams, Mathias Whaley, a hard-working steelworker; even though he seems to be perfect, she is held back by her feelings of pain and self-doubt. The young independent loner moves from the past and into Mathias’ waiting arms only to find that the road to love and healing is going to be a bumpy one.  At the height of the Civil Rights Movement, things were tough for working-class residents of the Hill District in Pittsburgh, PA. Still, despite economic hardships and secrets from the past, Nezzie decides that her heart has been captured by the alluring young steelworker with a tender spirit.  Together they find themselves wading through the turmoil, uncertainties, and pressures of racism.  As ugly scars begin to heal, and the darkness is brought to the surface, Mathias sees that his “good thing” is closer than ever before.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3kzIMJf

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