Excerpt from My 70’s Love Story – Dr. Velma Bagby

One day while playing outside volleyball during my P.E. class, I saw 10th Grade Guy sitting on a bench nearby, watching our game. He used a hand gesture as a signal, prompting me to come over.  I stopped playing volleyball and walked over to him. As I stood in front of him, he asked me questions about the game and my plans for later.  He never explained why he said nothing after expressing his interest, and I decided not to mention it. We talked for ten minutes, and he ended our conversation by saying he hoped to run into me around campus. We said our goodbyes and I returned to the game. As I returned, I wondered if he looked at my walk. As I write this, I am laughing because this moment reminded me of a scene in the movie Waiting to Exhale.  In the movie, the female character had gotten the courage to talk or flirt with the guy who lived across the street from her house.  After she finished talking with him, she started back across the street to her house and wondered if he was watching. She turned to look and caught him watching; she giggled about it as she walked home. I felt like the actress in that movie, but I did not have the courage to turn and look.  


Women who marry, never change their goal of marriage. In the 70s we practiced intentional dating, which meant dating was intended to lead to marriage. How did I meet my husband? I began with a “husband-to-be” prayer list. But, God has a list too? Read my personal testimony about my journey to discover love in high school. I am honest about the challenges and heartbreak I faced during my 70s love story and share how God was faithful to get me through it all. You’ll enjoy some humor as you travel back in time when cell phones did not exist and each house was equipped with one telephone. You’ll enjoy my “hallelujah” moment when I discovered our house telephone cord was long enough to reach private space. I was considered one of the lucky ones. The 70s were simple times when we met in person, dating was more about having fun and the guys were respectable. Find out what God did with my “husband-to-be prayer list?

My story begins with a church assignment to create a prayer list focused on my future husband called, a “husband to be” prayer list. Although my list was unlike prayer lists today, we believed in God’s promises and trusted He would answer when it was time. But, was it God’s will to quickly send an answer to my prayer? I was unsure because something interesting happened soon after writing my prayer list.
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