Author of the Month – Roe Braddy

Roe Braddy is a former high school teacher; she is now retired and spends her time writing. Roe has a passion for the theater; she’s a self-proclaimed theater/book nerd who could spend all of her time either on stage or behind the curtain managing the cast. Roe is also a playwright; she has written and produced three community theater plays. Roe’s hobbies include reading, writing historical romance, and watching old black and white movies. Roe loves vintage clothing and antiques and has a huge collection of old pins that she wears every time she gets a chance. For the latest release dates and future book signing locations, visit http://www.RoeBraddyProductions.com. Roe can be reached on social media via http://www.Facebook.com/RoeBraddyProductions. Instagram@roe_the_literary14u. Roe loves to hear from readers; reach out and say hi!

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