Author of the Month – JC Anderson

JC Anderson is a mother to one little boy and a stepmom to a little girl. She and her husband have been together for almost 8 years, married for 5. She has a BS in Chemical Engineering and a MA in Accounting. Though her educational exploits have launched her career further than she’d hoped, it was writing that fed her soul and allowed her creativity to flow.

Writing has always been near and dear to JC’s heart as she has been writing romance and erotica since she was in high school, approximately 25 years ago. She would write her stories in a basic college-ruled notebook, each story no more than 2-3 pages each. She would circulate the notebook around class and eventually around campus, soaking up her classmates’ reactions each time she shared her stories. It was for fun then, but it’s serious now.

She sought an outlet for the stories that cloud her mind and rob her of sleep, some nights and is grateful to Amazon kindle for providing a way. She never professed to be the greatest writer, but she believes she can tell a story. A story that will make you blush and wish you were a character on the page. Thank you for getting to know her.

Social Media Handles:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jcawrites

IG: @jcandersonwrites 

Twitter: @JCAWrites

TikTok: @jcawrites Author Website:www. jcawrites.weebly.com/#/

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