Book Spotlight of the Week – Your Adam is Asleep Until God Opens His Eyes – Dr. Velma Bagby

Does it seem that men miss the cues women use when expressing an interest in them? Like many of you, Dr. Velma Bagby’s daughters asked the same question: “why are men so slow?” This book is Dr. Bagby’s response – detailing conversations with her single daughters over time and using as a foundation, the story of God’s creation of marriage between Adam and Eve. The practical steps she outlines will change your relationship experience and your perspective, so you can enjoy a fruitful outcome. This book will help you determine and understand: Why men are slow. Whether he is interested. If he is “the One”. If you are “the One” for him, and who makes that decision. What a woman should do while she waits. If you are prepared for marriage; and if not, how do prepare.

AMAZON: https://amzn.to/36Aw7SI

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