Author of the Week – Kaylynn Hunt

A Detroit native, Kaylynn has always had an insatiable passion for writing. Kaylynn began her family early; she was married at the age of 23. She went on to pursue a career as a licensed electrician while balancing a household and three children. She found herself divorced by the age of 28. The economic climate of the city came crashing to a halt forcing her to look at other venues. Kaylynn realized that being a workhorse was not what fulfilled her. She chose to show her three sons that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. Kaylynn lives in a suburban area of Metropolitan Detroit.
She enjoys reading and spending time with her family and many friends. For anyone that knows Kaylynn it is an honor to be called her friend. Friends and family are synonymous in her world. If ever there were a person that truly believes in unconditional love, she embodies it. Never will she cast a judgmental eye in your direction. Kaylynn is not easily influenced by the ‘norm’ and it comes across on her pages. She challenges the conventional.
Kaylynn produces interesting, captivating, and stimulating pieces of work, which absorb the reader down to the last page. Kaylynn has used not only her imagination but glimpses of the life she’s lived, in order to produce quality, flowing works of art. Living outside the box is something she excels at. She believes that the mind is one of our most wonderful assets here on earth. Kaylynn opens you up to things that will make you think outside the box. Her hope is that through her stimulating roller coaster rides of emotion; your mind will have the proper exercise necessary for continued growth and enlightenment.

Visit: http://www.Skylarpublications.com

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