Book of the Day – Catching Dreams: After the Vengeance (The Saga of Savannah Book 2) – Kaylynn Hunt

Sassy, sexy, savvy Savannah is back to her old self, or is she? She’s the same fun-loving, uninhibited, spirited woman but deep down something has changed. Before Savannah was captivated by Casanova she was happy living the single life. Before she became the victim of a stalker, Savannah didn’t care who she conquered. Before she found herself lying comatose, she thought her world was in her control. The things no one knew Savannah ever dreamed of the surface when least expected. She embraces the inevitability of change. Along with her triumphs comes tragedy. Savannah faces circumstances that leave her once again proving her strength. Can she hold on to her sanity in the face of a harsh reality?

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3yKQyIQ

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