Book Showcase – Love With A Vengeance (The Saga of Savannah Book 1) – Kaylynn Hunt

Successful, confident, creative, attractive and independent are some of the many ways to describe this Detroit business woman. Savannah never would’ve been considered a one-man woman. Variety had always been the spice of her life and she wasn’t sure she would be satisfied in any other way. When the man of her dreams crashes land in her life, she begins to rethink the path she followed. Just when she was attempting to throw in her hand of player’s cards, chaos ensues. For once in her life, Savannah finds herself in a situation her slick talk and carefree attitude won’t get her out of. Consequences soon catch up with her and it is a matter of life or the forever after.
Amazon: https://amzn.to/39AQnWa

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