Author of the Month – Natasha Hughes-Smith

Natasha has loved writing for a number of years; however, she did not attempt to do it professionally until 12 years ago. It was then that she envisioned the concept of Reflections. However, work and life prevented her from devoting time and energy to completing it. Then in 2020, the pandemic slowed the world down and freed up time. So, she used her downtime to complete the novel and publish it. She enjoyed the characters so much that she decided to write a prequel. The Reflections series will be a four-part series. She is currently writing the third in the series. You can enjoy listening to her podcast, Talking Stories with Natasha, on Apple. There she discusses her novels, and favorite movies and interviews fellow authors.


Suspenseful Romance Thriller
Contemporary Romance

What draws me:
I like to be surprised by a plot. I don’t want to be able to see what comes next.

My purpose over the years has been to help and encourage people as a social worker. However, there are lots of ways to accomplish that. Telling a great story and dropping little nuggets of wisdom is another way to influence or encourage.


The authors of all of the books that I have enjoyed and the writers of all of the great movies I’ve watched influenced me.

Word of mouth. I try to tell everyone I know about my novels. Next would have to be Facebook.

Something readers should know:
I love a good laugh and I try to infuse humor into my stories.

3 Fun facts:
I love video games
I love DC/Warner Brothers superheroes.
I make all sorts of crazy sounds when I see a bug

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