Book Showcase – Rise of the Ravenisha

The Rise of the Ravenisha Synopsis

The Rise of the Ravenisha is a 101k word #Ownvoices speculative/fantasy fiction novel with series potential created with vibrant female characters on the brink of individual and collective power. Teddy, an ex-cop with the Atlanta PD has seen a thing or two. She always knew she was different. She wasn’t like her sisters of the Old-Generation Ravenisha–an ancient tribe of African warrior women who long ago struck a bargain with the dark spirit La Panthère Noire. Their supernatural strength made them the perfect bargaining chips for their queen, Idia, to betray and sell them into American slavery to bolster her own rise to power. Now living with her sister Fredi in modern-day Ravenswood, Alabama, Teddy is still grappling with that haunted legacy and the lingering feeling that she and Fredi do not belong with the rest of their kin.

She soon learns that her natural instincts ring true: Teddy and Fredi were not born into the Ravenisha naturally, but rather were created by a wicked experimenter named Rufus, attempting to birth a new generation of Ravenisha women into the world who are born into obedience. What Rufus does not know is that the sisters were prophesied, the dawn of a new order that bears with it the power to overthrow Idia and claim freedom for the Ravenisha for the first time in centuries.

Learning of their betrayal by their trusted friend, the Old-Generation Ravenisha are determined to seize their only chance to finally taste life beyond the collars around their necks. But Idia, well aware of the prophecy herself, has been growing her own werepanther army, clinging to power with everything she has. Torn between the two, twenty-eight-year-old Teddy and almost thirteen-year-old Fredi find themselves with the chance to free their lineage… or sentence them to eternal slavery.

Author’s Website pgracelawson.com

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3lajUbG

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