Book Spotlight – WPower: The Strength of An Empowered Woman to Change the World

Tell us about your book, wPower The Strength of an Empowered Woman to Change the World.
I decided to author my book based on needing someone to empower me in my job and not having anyone. I did not start writing until much later. I truly decided to write my book after attending a book launch for an author I met. She made the process seem so easy and glamourous. I sat and listened to her presentation on how she got started and her decision to self-publish her book, it all made sense to me. The idea of having someone assist me with this process and not cost me a fortune to do it, plus I could write and have someone edit my book and then self-publish. The main reason I decided to author my book is that I knew that there were others who needed to hear my story of working and needing a mentor to direct my path in my career and no one was available.

 What’s the best part of being an author?
The best part of being an author is the ability to empower and impact the lives of others. Knowing that when someone reads my book and understands my story, it will give them hope to be empowered and go out and empower others. The other best part of being an author is the ability to connect inspiring authors with bestselling authors, authors, and self-publishers. Once you connect people there are no limits on the person who is being empowered.

 What’s the worst part of being an author?
There is no worst part of being an author. I have not regretted becoming an author.

 Who is your favorite character in the book, and why?
My book is non-fiction therefore there is no favorite character in the book.

 What was the hardest part of writing the story?
For me, the hardest part of writing the story is making sure that you write freely first and then edit and edit and edit thereafter. I got tired of sending edits to my editor over and repeatedly.

 If you were to write a book about your life, what would the title be and why?
The title of the book would be “Thank God you don’t look like you been through.” The answer to the why part is because I have not always had an easy life. I was born into a family where my father was an alcoholic. When I turned eight years old my parents divorced. I married at age 21 and divorced 20 years later. I attended college and received many degrees, worked many jobs in my adult lifetime, moved many places in Texas, and gave birth to four beautiful children, all while attending college each time. I have gone from working with managers who bullied me on the job, to being a victim of domestic violence.

 What is something readers would be surprised to know about you?
I am a first-generation college student, Toastmaster, and Educator, I have been journaling since age eight, I have two adult brothers, I have no sisters, I love helping people, I have a non-profit organization for women and girls, and I volunteered for The Family Place Domestic Violence organization for years, I’m a Christian- protestant, I love lead crystal, I love decorating, I’m active in sports-bowling, I bought my first home 11 years ago, I love to travel, I was in the travel industry for several years, I worked in the Food Service industry for years beginning in 1986. I am doing a career change after being laid off from my job of 14 years. I plan to help other aspiring authors write their books.

 What are you currently working on right now?
Right now, I am working on a companion workbook to my first book, plus creating an online masterclass.

 Do you have anything else you would like to add?
Tell everyone about the book WPower: The Strength of An Empowered Woman to Change the World, Share the links on your social media, and purchase copies for you and other women and young girls in your life.

The book can be purchased on my website: http://www.empoweringwritings.com
The book can be purchased on amazon http://www.amazon.com/author/felichasinegarstanley
Author Website: http://www.empoweringwritings.com

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