Recommendation of the Day – UNPLUG Take Back Your Power

The name of my book is called Unplug “take back your power” and its potent chapters are not only stimulating but mind-changing as it challenges readers to take on a new way of thinking. I have not only used psychological theories, spiritual wisdom, or real-life examples but concepts of common sense; motivating readers towards a deeper introspection to overcoming adversities.

Actually, I didn’t just spring up one day and began writing; this book is prophetic in its nature. It was prophesied by a well-known Prophet known as Prophet DeMarco Grant, who declared that I would write “this book” and it would become a “best seller”. The rest was history.

The biggest takeaway is a simple plea for introspection. We all host our personal realities but sometimes we are searching for the right message but in the wrong people or places.  Master the skill of digging deeper through honesty:  Am I guarding my peace against toxic people? “Am I the weapon formed against myself that prevents me from prospering?,   Am I being held captive by my own cage of unforgiveness?, Am I still shrinking myself  and imprisoned by others’ negative opinions?”;  and overall, are you spiritually and mentally ok? Each of these questions is significant and if you are on the fence then there’s work to be done…Get yourself a copy of “Unplug and take back your power”.


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