Author of the Month – Deidre M. Bastian

Deidre M. Bastian was born on the island of Nassau, New Providence in the Bahamas and she is a mother of two with a 6-year-old granddaughter. SubsequentlyShe is an alumna of Prince William Baptist High and Nova Southeastern University with a career path in Graphic Design and Brand Marketing.

Subsequently, as a means to give back; she is a dedicated primary school volunteer reader, notwithstanding a devoted columnist to the Bahamas Tribune newspaper company for over (12) years imparting knowledge to the wider community. Moreover in late 2019, not only did she publish her first book “Unplug- Take Back Your Power” but she recently completed a life coach certification joining a diverse list of mentors as a counselor. All the same, she still finds relaxation in gardening, light weight lifting, and spending time with her family.

On a personal note, she is a strong conduit for success and growth and as a believer, she also holds a genuine concern for serving humanity. She is a member of the New Light Ministry and her mandate for peace in accordance with her spiritual values is always a priority. Typically she is reserved in her beliefs but very analytical and forthright, especially towards injustice.

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