Author of the Week – Dr. Velma Bagby

Award-Winning Author /Certified Dating/Relationship Coach / Minister (ThD) / Inspirational Speaker
Love is possible. John 3:16

A six-time Award-Winning Author, Dr. Velma Bagby, has written 13 books, with the 14th released in the spring of 2022. She has co-written children’s books, Christian nonfiction, and fiction novels relating to Christin living, women’s fiction about relationships, and Christian contemporary fiction. She found her love of fiction after realizing that Jesus was a Master storyteller; His parables used simple items but had a deeper meaning. She writes fiction similarly, where she enjoys creating interesting stories, with deeper meaning, leaving her readers with nuggets they can take away from her book.
She wrote her first book at 64, inspired by daughters, who wanted to help other Christian single women and after watching the downward pattern of the dating culture and lack of training in the church. Her book is a nonfiction relationship-focused book based on their conversations. It became a call to action for single Christian women to date with an intent to marry, called Your Adam Is Asleep Until God Opens His Eyes. She is a Christian Dating-Relationship Coach and a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), Dr. Velma has coached/counseled for over 30 years, providing pastoral premarital and marriage counseling.
Dr. Velma continued writing about love and relationships with her short story, My 70s Love Story, available on Kindle and found in the Back in the Day Anthology. She shared dating from the 70s perspective, which focused on having fun, being social, and guys treating girls more respectfully. Dr. Velma used as her inspiration her blessed marriage of 48 years to her high school sweetheart and did not hesitate to be transparent when she shares her journey, which is rich with tips for women before saying “I do.”
In 2020, she published her first Christian fiction book entitled A Place Called Down-Why Christians Suffer. She deviated from a relationship-focused topic to bring us into her testimony of tests, trials, and tribulations and offer insight into a place of suffering common to us all. She shares why God allows a place of suffering and how He is in control the entire time. Down places can include groups of people, such as the down place related to the George Floyd incident, and the world in a down place like the pandemic—she included both historical events in this book. Dr. Velma’s book won an eLit Independent Publisher Book Award and the 2021 Firebird Award—1st Place in Christian Fiction & 1st Place in Cover Design.
Towards the end of 2021, she contributed to two anthologies: The first released in the fall CBLR “Song of Praise” and published her eBook version of her story, “Our Rainbow Baby.” The story encourages other women about the difficulties of infertility but look for the rainbow God sends in the end. A second anthology to be released later in 2022, “Do It Right the First Time,” she contributed a story entitled “Finding Your Writing Voice, After Corporate Laryngitis.”
In 2021, she was ecstatic to learn she is now a regular contributor to Victorious By Design Magazine and has written for their Love Zone corner. The magazine is online, and to subscribe go to: https://www.victoriousbydesign.com/-vbd-magazine-subscribe
Although she has enjoyed mentoring authors, as CEO of Adoni Publishing, LLC, one of her greatest joys was when she helped her granddaughter become a first-time author at age 6, while in first grade. As co-author, her granddaughter is now an award-winning author for her book, The Little Letter k, and the Boring Alphabet Line. The book won two Story Monsters Approved Book Awards: 1st place first-time author and picture book categories, and the 2021 Firebird Award, 1st place in the picture book category. She now has three books published, where Dr. Velma says she is her co-pilot.
Dr. Velma is not only an ordained minister with a Th.D. in Theology and an Inspirational Speaker, but she is also a respected teacher and leader. Her associations include being a member of the Advanced Writers & Speakers Association (AWSA), American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), Independent Book Publishing Association (IBPA), and the Bay Area Independent Publishing Association (BAIPA).
She retired from the State government after a 38-year career as a California state Deputy Administrator. Dr. Velma resides in California with her husband, Pastor, Dr. Bruce, and they are parents to two adult daughters, a son-in-law, have three grandchildren, and her German Shepherd, Gracie.
Remain connected with Dr. Velma:
Website: https://drvelma.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrVelmaB
Instagram/Coach: https://www.instagram.com/drvelma_coach
Instagram/Author: https://www.instagram.com/drvelmabagby_author
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/BagbyVelma
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-velma-bagby-85b476125
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/18185844.Velma_Bagby

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