Book of the Day -My Love was Blind

This book evolved as I committed myself to a five-thousand-word count in my co-authored book Blinded Love. Unconsciously I poured myself into the story and when the contents reached the paper it flowed into over eighty-thousand words of past loves and the root that lies beneath my imagination. God revealed to me the inner truth and the debts of his salvation for me. I was unknowing guilty, ignorant to understanding how I contributed but God shined His light in me, and my eyes were open to My Love was Blind. As I took inventory of my past loves and myself through the eyes of maturity I realized there was much work to do on myself. Such as learning how to self-love and give me love and appreciation. Finally figured out no one can make me whole by faith and the power of my Lord and savior I was born whole the pieces had to come together.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3tY8Pyk

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