Book of the Week – Your Adam Is Asleep Until God Opens His Eyes

Does it seem that men miss the cues women use when expressing an interest in them? Like many of you, Dr. Velma Bagby’s daughters asked the same question: “why are men so slow?” This book is Dr. Bagby’s response – detailing conversations with her single daughters over time and using as a foundation, the story of God’s creation of marriage between Adam and Eve. The practical steps she outlines will change your relationship experience and your perspective, so you can enjoy a fruitful outcome. This book will help you determine and understand: Why men are slow. Whether he is interested. If he is “the One”. If you are “the One” for him, and who makes that decision. What a woman should do while she waits. If you are prepared for marriage; and if not, how to prepare.

AMAZON: https://amzn.to/36Aw7SI

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