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Silent Letters is our platform’s advice column. First and foremost, we mention this platform is not to be used as a replacement for therapy or counseling. Mental health is something we take seriously at Slaytor’s Playhouse and we will always recommend finding a therapist or counselor that best suits your needs. With that being said, let’s talk about Silent Letters!
As previously stated, this is our advice column. This is a way for us to engage with our audience and help you all to the best of our ability. Though everything we say may not be what each and every person wants to hear, just know the advice comes from a warm and non-toxic place.
When providing advice, we keep your sense of peace in mind. What is best for you may not be the thing that is best for others. The advice we provide will cater to your specific needs rather than our own.
Seeking advice from us may cause you to self-reflect, which is often a good thing. Our advice comes from a coaching perspective. This means we will not tell you what you need to do, however we will provide you with suggestions of what you can do. Your personal growth is important to us.
We offer advice on many topics. A few of these topics include relationships (platonic friendships or romantic), love, and sex. If there is a topic that we are uncomfortable with addressing, we will inform you. If you wish to submit your letter, use our submission form. Keep in mind, your privacy is one of our biggest concerns. We will not share your last name and recommend using a pin name.
Before we forget, there are plans to have Silent Letters transition into a podcast. If you desire to have a coaching session with us and have it air on our podcast, we are open to it.

Silent Letter: https://bit.ly/3HapzIk

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