Book of the Day – The Essential Guide on How to be a Hoe

★★★★★ “Educational and Empowering!” – Hakeem

If your main focus is to find love, then find love. If you are looking to have casual sex, say so!
People are often surprised at what they find when they are honest about their intentions. The Essential Guide on How to be a Hoe is a modern look at one of the oldest states in the world. The hoe. No, I don’t mean the gardening tool.
I mean what it takes to become sexually positive and take ownership of our bodies in a world that is constantly violating us with new advice, old ideas, and outdated judgements.
◆ People say we can be free, but how?
This is the problem that this guide attempts to solve, not just logistically, but mentally and spiritually, too.
This book was not only practical and full of excellent guidance on how to discover oneself and stay safe in a world that is slowly thrown off the chains of sexual oppression, but it also looks at making peace within ourselves, setting boundaries, making sure we can identify our liberation from our wounds and treating others with tolerance and respect.
◆ It is not afraid to talk about the things that are still considered being taboo.
The narrator is spirited, authentic and hilarious, making difficult topics relatable and understandable.
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3qsNRHX

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