Book Spotlight – Long Walk Up – Denise Turney

Don’t quit now! Your life is just starting!

“However long the night, the dawn will break.” 

A winner among the best short inspirational fiction books!


Long Walk Up is one of the top inspiring books. This inspirational novel tells the story of an African orphan girl’s journey from poverty and despair to her remarkable destiny as Africa’s first woman president. 

HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS BEAUTIFULLY TOLD LITERARY FICTION STORY✔Powerful, gripping womens fiction relates to real life orphan events✔Realistic womens fiction books with strong character driven leadership focal point✔Remarkable coming of age story that inspires and empowers✔Orphan story that puts the African diaspora in a powerful, positive, realistic light 


Long Walk Up’s inspiring orphan story happened around the time that Africa celebrated the swearing in of its first woman president. Mirroring the makings of historic women leaders, women like Barbara Jordan, Harriet Tubman, Jacinda Ardern and Maria Tallchief, amazing women leaders who refused to give up, incredible women who chose to live life without limits – Long Walk Up is womens fiction that showcases the power of destiny, courage and tenacity. 

This poignant, inspirational fiction story takes you inside the life of a six-year-old East African orphan girl named Mulukan who is pushed into the street after her mother dies. Mulukan faces extreme poverty and trauma as she starts the long walk. Her future appears bleak, but her faith, inspiration and her spirit to trust rises for reckoning.Help comes from unexpected places. It’s under this same sense of the unforeseen that Mulukan finds her life moving further and further away from her dream after she becomes a grown woman. Despite her growing fear, she can’t stop what is coming next. 

Long Walk Up takes an honest look at tragedy, coincidences that become the deciding threads in the fabric of an orphan child’s life. Mulukan’s story strikes a perfect balance between struggle and triumph. It demands profound trust and commitment to live life without limits, to live with courage. 

Readers who loved The Alchemist, The Prophet and The Audacity of Hope may fall in love with Long Walk Up. Mulukan’s inspiring story is reflected in the hearts and souls of orphan children and women and men who refuse to give up, despite how daunting and heart wrenching the long walk. It’s time that you started to believe in life’s best again! Get your copy of Long Walk Up now, so that you can start reading this inspirational story today! Isn’t it time that you started to believe again!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3EXr7DG

Shocking orphan story finds a permanent place in history

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