Book Showcase – Awaken Blessings of Inner Love – Denise Turney

Healing is the only way out – Awaken Blessings of Inner Love


More specifically: If you’re looking for shortcuts to mastering self love, Awaken Blessings of Inner Love can help you access that inner power. Even more, this self-help book offers awareness practices that may take the pain out of breaking bad habits. The key is that the techniques and practices are quick. In fact, daily self-love techniques in this self-help book take less than 5 to 10 minutes to complete. More than self-love techniques and practices,

Awaken Blessings of Inner Love offers self-love messages, tips and quotes. Self-help and success focus areas include:

*Navigating major life changes

*Moving through grief

*Overcoming a hard childhood

*Accepting personal healing

*Breaking free of suffering


*Dealing with inner peace and love roadblocks

*Trusting the process

Awaken Blessings of Inner Love is a self-help book that is designed to leave a lasting, positive impact. Similar to a daily devotional or workbook, techniques and practices shared in Awaken Blessings of Inner Love are meant to be used everyday. You can always return to the book for inspiration, motivation and self love and success tips. In fact, financial and retirement tips shared may help you as you prepare for a rewarding second half of your life.

The book’s content stems from personal self-love and self-help techniques practiced by the book’s author and busy people who make time daily to invest in themselves and their self-care. A product of a challenging childhood which includes the loss of her mother when she was in elementary school, the author of Awaken Blessings of Inner Love has used practices shared in the book with success. Although not a medical or psychology work, Awaken Blessings of Inner Love encourages radical self-love toward the aim of manifesting your greatest self. Find out how you can incorporate daily self-help techniques into your day to realize the power of self-love. Isn’t it time that you invested in you?


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