Author of the Month – Sylvia Hubbard

Detroit Author & Founder of Motown Writers, Sylvia Hubbard has independently published over 50 romance suspense books. As an avid blogger, podcaster, social media manager & digital strategist, Sylvia has received numerous awards and literary recognition for her work, plus has had seven #1 Bestsellers. She is also a speaker, literary encouragement doula & busy mompreneur expert.

What is your genre? What draws you to this genre?

My genre has always been romance suspense /intrigue.

Since I was twelve and I saw a Fabio Cover I’ve been in love with romance, but living in Detroit, I was constantly indulged with violence. Without giving up hope for a happily ever after, I was determined to find true love for two people in a difficult violent dramatic world all the while weaving some eroticism and ecstasy around their story. I’m drawn to intrigue like a moth to a flame and writing stories in this genre gives me hope that happily ever afters for everyone can come true.

What is your purpose?

My purpose in this world is to be an asset and not a liability

My purpose as woman is to be a master of the gender

My purpose as a mother is to be the best that I can be.

My purpose as Sylvia is to be successfully happy

Who has influenced your life as an author?

No doubt it’s been Beverly Jenkins who gave me hope that that I could write the stories I wanted to read

Following that, it’s been my mother who believed in me before I believed in me.

What is your favorite marketing technique?

Blogging has been one of my favorites because I get lifetime repeated lifetime readers. I blog a lot to increase my reader fellowship and connect with my readers.

How do you get your book in front of readers?

I’m currently using Amazon Kindle Vella to get in front of readers and blogging. Those of these strategies have increased my book sales and given me a great community on my FB group page.

What is something you want readers to know about you?

I’m bad on paper, so I can be good in life. As outwardly as I am in my books, I’m really an introvert.

What are you reading right now?

Body Beats because I’m always looking for ways to write better fiction

3 Fun facts about yourself

  1. I love to snack
  2. I’m a movie addict
  3. I like cream cheese between two warm chocolate chip cookies


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