Author Spotlight – Letrise T. Carter

Letrise Carter is an author, podcaster, media influencer, freelance writer, CEO of Sistah’s Place, and advocate for Black Women’s health. She is well educated holding a Bachelors and Master’s degree in Accounting & Financial Management working as an Associate Director. Letrise resides in suburbs outside of Chicago, IL.

-What is your genre? I write in two genres: New Adult Fiction and Romance Suspense. 

What draws you to this genre? For the New Adult Fiction- what draws me is the ability to have an impact.  This genre I actually wrote in by accident the Lucy Mason short story series.  While my first novel is Romance Suspense and I love romance novels with a twist that keeps you on your toes and talking back to the characters.

-What is your purpose?  Good question, my purpose is to inspire, empower, encourage, and elevate others to find their passion and live their life as authentic as possible.  To serve others in the media.  My purpose has evolved these last two years to become a vessel and voice for Black Women’s health.

-Who has influenced your life as an author? There are a few who have influenced my life as an author starting with my high school English teacher Mrs. Cooper, Ada who gave me pep talks and advice about my writing in college, my daughter, Toni Larue, Selena Haskins, Terry McMillian, and Toni Morrison along with many of my professors in the English/Journalism school who pushed me to write some amazing stories, essays, and papers that I still have right to this day that I hope to publish someday.

-What is your favorite marketing technique? I love doing podcast interviews and Blog tours and starting to get the hang of doing virtual events.  How do you get your book in front of readers? I use book promoters, media influencers, book reviewers, bloggers, podcasters, and some paid advertising to get my books in front of readers.  I also like being featured in various online and print magazines.  

-What is something you want readers to know about you? I like readers to know that I am a woman who will leave a legacy of stories for our children to read about us. I plan to have an impact in the literary world.  

-What are you reading right now? I am reading two books right now.  I always read fiction and non-fiction books.  I am reading Tabitha Brown’s Feeding The Soul and fiction book Homecoming by Yaa Gyasi.

-3 Fun facts about yourself

• Letrise loves baking from scratch cakes, cookies, and pies.

• I am a collector of Art by African artists.  I owned some authentic, original, and beautiful wall paintings. 

• Sunday’s is one of my favorite days because it’s a family tradition to sit down for family dinner.

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