Book Spotlight – Lucy’s Worth (Book 1) – Letrise T Carter

Which five words best describe Lucy’s Worth?

Eager, Naive, determined, Choice, and Self-Discovery,

Can you share one highlight from the book?

Lucy is young searching for love and attention because she is not getting it at home. She will have one of the hardest decisions to make that her life will depend on it.

What is the purpose of this book?

The purpose of this book is to address abuse at such a young age that happens to man teens as young as 16 years old. The story will help teach them self-worth.

Are there themes that you find turn up again and again in your work?

In this short story series, the theme that keeps showing up is Young Adult pain, experiences that go unanswered, and life lessons. A common thread?

Yes, there is a common thread which is Hope, Love, Self-Worth, and Faith.

Which character or part of the book was the most fun to write?

It was fun to write Lucy’s victory in this first installment of the short series.

Which part was the hardest?

The hardest was writing the abuse scenes because I reflected back to friends, family, neighbors, and myself at one time. It was extremely hard to write the physical scenes because they reminded me of a friend whose life was lost due to abuse. I know this story she would be proud that I spoke life into this for many young and seasoned women to hear that they too will choose their worth over abuse.

Can you tell us something that even your most loyal fans may not know about you?

I became a Nana aka G-mom this fall that is so exciting.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

The next story in this series is Lucy’s Faith which is available now for readers on amazon as a paperback or ebook on sale till November 30th for $2.99. I do have autographed copies available on my website at http://www.letrisecarter.com

Link to purchase: https://tinyurl.com/2m5kpx4a

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