Book Spotlight – Deceitful Secrets – Letrise T Carter

How do you get the idea for your book?

Deceitful Secrets came to me in a dream one night. I literally woke up out my sleep and wrote the entire first chapter along with an outline and synopsis for the story.

What is your favorite line from your book question?

Well, one of many favorite lines is “Taylor Louise Jackson, that is how you got here. Hell, that’s how we both got here… it was not a wish and that little lie about a bird some parents told their kids was more than a white lie… Hell, that was just a cruel ass lie to tell your kids.”

Which of your characters do you believe are most like you and why question?

In Deceitful Secrets, Taylor and I are somewhat alike when it comes to be driven, motivated, determined to get what we want. Why? I enjoy creating strong female black characters because that what I am and I like to embody that in my stories.
What message do you hope readers will take away from your book? I like readers to take away from Deceitful Secrets that you can’t live in the past and what is done in the dark comes to light. Be honest with your love one before you marry them, especially if you had a relationship with the brother or best man.

How did you get published?

I am an Indie self-publisher. I first published Deceitful Secrets using Create Space before KDP purchased it.

What have been your greatest literary accomplishments?

-Finding readers who love my stories.

Do you have any new books in the works?

My next release is in my short story series, Lucy’s Heart in the Lucy Mason Series.

Is there anything else you would like the readers to know?

Yes, don’t allow anyone to crush your dreams of becoming a writer. Take classes to hone your gift and find a mentor in the industry who will give you guidance, direction, and honest critiques that will make you a stronger and better writer.

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