Relax and Read a Book – Black Women Need Love Too – S.N.M. Jones

In Black Women Need Love Too, readers will uncover the 4 divisive and detrimental lies:

  • The “Strong, Independent Black Woman” is a stereotype that was set up to emasculate the Black man. 
  • The “Strong, Independent Black Woman” stereotype is conversely killing the Black woman—while she’s being strong and taking care of everyone and everything, she neglects her own health and self-care. 
  • “Black men are absentee fathers” is a myth that is meant to trick the Black woman into expecting such from the Black man, and she therefore looks for opportunities to find fault. 
  • A single-parent household does not equate to a dysfunctional family. Single-parent households are often blamed for the decline of the Black community. At some point, however, every family—whether it’s a two-parent or single-parent household—experiences some type of dysfunction.

In Black Women Need Love Too: A Book About Relationships, Self-Love and Community, Jones leaves no stone unturned as she propels her readers to Stay Awake, Be Aware, Be Informed, and Take Action. Readers will look within themselves to identify how this negative narrative has impacted their mental and emotional health. Having done so, they can then move toward healing and embracing self-love, which will expand to a love of community. Readers will find this book “A deep, relevant, current, as well as historical conversation….”

We cannot move forward if we are too busy fighting and pointing the finger at each other for the state of Black America. Black Women Need Love Too is an eye-opener, intended to start the conversation so we can heal individually. Only then can we heal collectively, bringing about a meaningful cultural cultivation within our communities.

This book is perfect for every Black Teen and Adult, Woman or Man.

Get your copy now: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0578750732

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