The Teacher Who Changed Wesley Eggleston’s Life

I have had several teachers during my schooling that have changed my life. I am going to focus on my elementary school teacher.  Mr. Dawson was my fifth grade teacher at New Horizons Elementary School.  I enjoyed Mr. Dawson’s class because he brought a different energy to the classroom than I was used to.  He was also the first Black male teacher I had ever had, which was a big deal, even to this day.  Besides teaching us the basics like reading, and math, and english, Mr. Dawson also had a portion of his class about life.  He called it “Community Classroom.”

We learned how to carry out different jobs, and holding up on responsibilities that needed to be taken care of.  He also taught us at that young age how to write a check, something that stuck with me from that point on.  I believe the best teachers not only teach their students book knowledge, but how to excel outside of it too. Something the whole school, especially me looked forward to was Mr. Dawson’s lunchtime basketball tournament. Playing in the tournament instilled sportsmanship, and also allowed us to have fun, and show team work in order to reach a competitive common goal.

I have always been interested and great at English.  Mr. Dawson always taught us that great writing always needed good dialogue between characters. Giving characters in our stories the ability to have good communication. That was another tip and trick that has also stuck with me, that I am grateful for.

Lastly I will say, Mr.Dawson is now my principal and boss.  I try to now instill the life lessons that I gained in my life from his class, my parents, and schooling beyond to help me be the best teacher I can be.

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