Author Spotlight – Ciara L. Hill

Bio: Ciara L. Hill is a best-selling and award-winning children’s book author and a licensed child and family therapist in Washington, DC. Ciara is happily married and has a son. Once a traveling “military brat” due to her father’s enlistment in the US Army, she was introduced early on to different cultures and the importance of diverse representation.

Genre: Children’s Book

Draws me to this genre: I love the genre of children’s books because the thought of positively inspiring and impacting a new generation of children brings me so much joy.

Purpose: I’m on a mission to create culturally significant books featuring BIPOC characters, that help children learn invaluable lessons, while receiving powerful and inspiring messages.

Who has Influenced me: My family and husband has influenced my life as an author as they are always giving me helpful feedback and advice. But my son in particular is my biggest influence. He embodies “black boy joy” the joy he brings into my life keeps me focused on the bigger picture, to write positive books for children that show them that they matter and are important.

Favorite Marketing Technique: Donating books to charities and putting my books into “free little libraries.”

Something that I want readers to know about me: That I want to give children something that I didn’t have when I was growing up, an opportunity to read children’s books from a Black Woman author, with characters that look like them being positively represented in the books that they read.

Currently reading: I am currently re-reading one of my favorite books, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Three Fun Facts: I love Christmas and watch Christmas movies year-round. I am left-handed, and I love perfume and perfume oils. 

Author Website: ciaralhillbooks.com

Soulful Holidays:

An inclusive rhyming story celebrating the joys of Christmas and Kwanzaa!
Soulful holidays give readers a sense of the soulful nature of both Christmas and Kwanzaa in a way that honors the Black and African American experience.

Cozy up together with this charmingly illustrated family book told in easy-to-read memorable rhymes. Through this heartwarming tale, children and families all over the world can experience the magic of Christmas and the true essence of Kwanzaa. Read about the food, songs, cultural decorations, and more! This dazzling picture book will delight readers with the inclusive traditions of families who honor one or both of these incredible holidays.

Families will be excited to gather around this instant classic book, reminisce on past holidays, and create new memories with younger generations.

Add this culturally significant rhyming picture book by award-winning author Ciara L. Hill, writer of successful, loveable children’s stories such as Shiloh and Dande the Lion, to your holiday book collection today!

Shiloh and Dande the Lion:
The Wishing Shelf Book Award Winner for 2020
Named “2020 Best of the Best” by the Black Caucus American Library Association
Purple Dragonfly Honorable Mention Award
Readers’ Favorite 5 Star Review

Embrace diversity, accept others, and courageously be yourself!
Shiloh and Dande the Lion is an imaginative story that explores diversity, tolerance, and empowerment through the fantastic dream of a young boy. Shiloh, whose name means peace, is bullied at a new school for the color of his skin. After talking to his mom about it, Shiloh discovers a dandelion in his backyard. He makes a wish, goes to sleep, and Dande the Lion comes to life! Unexpected adventures await Shiloh, as he meets unlikely creatures that share their magical experiences, to help him gain courage, confidence and overcome adversity.

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