Author of the Week- Deidre M Bastain

BIOGRAPHY of DEIDRE M. BASTIAN – Certified Life Coach/Author of Unplug Take Back Your Power

Deidre M. Bastian affectionately called “Dee Dee” was born on the island of New Providence one of the islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. This mother of two is an alumna of Prince William Baptist High School and Nova Southeastern University. Following the completion of a Master’s Degree, she continued international training at Langevine and Learning Tree International institutes with a focus on Brand Marketing and Media Graphics.  She was a former employee at the Bahamas Telephone company in the Training and Development.

Deidre who confesses to be a believer says that one of her personal life’s commandments is “know thyself”. “I know myself pretty well and I’ve given myself permission to not aspire to be anyone else but… me”.  As a testament to her determination, what started out as a dream is now a reality; she is the author of a motivational book titled “Unplug Take Back Your Power”.  This book is listed on Amazon with favorable reviews and also Facebook social media which contributed to been a key marketing sales component. Her book inspires followers to understand that “they don’t have to sacrifice their happiness for mediocrity”. She urges viewers to please follow and like her Facebook page, Unplug Take Back Your Power.

Additionally, this author is presently a (thirteenth) 13th year columnist at the Bahamas Tribune newspaper in the Business section (“The Art of Graphix”), passionately imparting knowledge to the wider community and still on a path to make a difference, she recently completed a life coach certification joining a diverse list of mentors as a counselor. 

Subsequently, due to her passion for reading, she has taken up the mantle to assist with primary school summer reading workshops and also a primary school volunteer reader.

Overall, just recently her visionary perspectives earned her an opportunity to further follow her passion hence she is presently the Founder and President of a new women’s movement called WOPP (Women of Purpose and Power 242). She felt this movement was necessary as the aim is to illuminate hope and bridge gaps in communities while empowering likeminded women on the journey.

In the meantime, Deidre is presently working on two dynamic books which she hopes to be released in January of next year. She enjoys fitness and listening to music. Overall, she is happiest when spending quality time with her two children and her granddaughter Aasia Princess. Her favorite quote is: “Everything that belongs to you will come to you…but you must create the capacity to receive it”.

UNPLUG TAKE BACK YOUR POWER BOOK PAGE Linkhttps://www.facebook.com/Unplug-Take-Back-Your-Power-118614369871029

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